Thirroul Plaza D.A. update - 24th August 2021

Several weeks ago the plaza developers intitiated legal action in the Land and Environment Court.  They believe WCC is taking too long. Council believe their processes are correct, and that the developers are at fault with their poor application. This disagreement will be settled via a set legal process.

We heard about this yesterday when Wollongong City Council (WCC) re-exhibited a final version of the plaza D.A. documents for 2 weeks. Council will then prepare a “Statement Of Facts and Contentions” (SFC) which will be submitted to the Southern Region Planning Panel (SRPP) for comments. After the SRPP conducts a review with their own counsel, the ammended SFC will be lodged with the court before the 16th September.  The developers then have a right of response.  A conciliation conference is scheduled for early November.  The public will have an opportunity to speak at this conference. If a resolution cannot be found through conciliation, the process may then go to a full hearing of the court.

The Save Thirroul Village Committee provided this update.  They have been excellent in their work to date and we will continue with our support and representation at their meetings.   

I compared each of the six levels of the new plans with the original plans dated February 2020 on screens side by side and could not find any significant variations.
The new plans can be downloaded here from Dropbox in a single 320 meg zip file.  The unchanged D.A. application number is 2020/363 and is also available on the Wollongong City Council website -

Could you please update and re-submit your previous submission to Council?  Closing date for submissions is 8 September 2021. If you have any questions or need help with your submission please reply to this email or phone directly.

Yours sincerely

Murray Jones
Thirroul Village Committee

Previous views of the proposed development


View: From Raymond Road intersection

Plaza 10

View: From McCauley Street, looking southwest.


View: From King Street


View: Looking up King Street

thirroul plaza 5

View: Interior of First Floor, looking southwest, Now proposed as "public access" during daylight hours


  • Below are the earlier (2nd generation) detailed PDF files, including those which have not been revised from the original.

Updated Floor Plans

Updated Elevation Views

Updated Economic Impact

Updated Noise Study

Environmental Effects

Updated Flood Study

Visual Impact

Updated Heritage Impact

Site Contamination Report

Updated Traffic

Below are copies of the minutes of the meetings that the developers held with Wollongong City Council.  This is normal process for a large development.



The following link relates to recent (June 2020) correspondence between Wollongong Council and Transport for NSW and the Council and the Plaza developers relating to requests for further information and potential alterations to the plans submitted by the developers:

Request from Council for additional Information June 2020.pdf 

Please see the minutes section of this website for the results of discussions on the Plaza.


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